About Us

New York Steel & Precast is one of New Yorks’ best steel and precast erection subcontractors, serving clients throughout the North East United States.  Our professional staff and unique approach set us apart from our competition.

Our company is a thriving woman owned construction company in a male dominated industry. With our experience and our attention to detail we are able to help ensures that the job runs smoothly.  We use customer focus approach on all of our projects.  Planning is emphasized from pre-bid to project completion. We can handle any size job and specialize in “hard to do” and unusual projects.  Our company is built on three values above all else, SAFETY, QUALITY & SCHEDULE.

New York Steel & Precast services include structural steel erection, miscellanious steel erection, precast concrete installation, stud welding, rigging, and equipment installation.  We also team with industry leaders for steel fabrication, Joist & Deck manufacturing and grating manufacturing.